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March 2014

Does my business need a website?

I am sure that there are a lot of business owners that wonder whether their establishment needs a website.

Big or small business owners frequently face this question.

Some of them think that they do not need a website. They have a great customer base with low competition so why invest money into marketing their businesses online?

Others might want a website but think it would be costly and hard to maintain.

There are tons of other reasons why today’s business owners still think that they can do without an online presence.

Whether they are right or wrong, I want to state some facts as to why I think that today, more than ever, a business should have a strongonline presence.

1) Ask yourself this. Before going to purchase anything, whether it be a service or any kind of goods that you may need, do you shop around or do you just go and buy it? I think that today, more than ever, thanks to the World Wide Web it is so easy for someone to shop around in the comfort of their own home that almost everybody does a little research before buying something, even if the final purchase is made at a brick and mortar store.

2) If a product or service sells well in your store, why not trying to sell it online?

3) Compared to the operating costs of a traditional brick and mortar store, a website is a much more cost effective way to either sell your products or services. It also serves as a great add-on to your current marketing efforts.

4) Without going into statistics, ask yourself how many people you know that own a smart phone and/or a tablet? Today, it is very common and easy for someone to find an answer to their needs on the fly just by pulling out their smart devices and find what they are looking for. What if you are the answer?

5) If the big companies do it, why shouldn’t you? Large corporations invest tremendous effort into reaching their customers online, and you can too. How many times have you purchased something from a large online retail store and/or in store and received a thank you email after the transaction. You are probably still receiving emails from them, enticing you to visit them again and offering you appealing discounts and coupons.

6) If you are a small business, having a web presence to cover your local market is absolutely essential. Try searching for a product or service online. Search engines got smarter these days and they tend to show results to your searches that reflect your location. So if you are a local business you should have a strong web presence to keep up with your local competitors. Moreover your SEO efforts will be considerably lower in comparison to trying to rank nationally with the search engines.

If you found the above interesting and would like more information on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.  And we mean FREE.


If you decide that the web is not for you after our initial consultation, that’s all good!!!

…and coffee is on us.

Luca Gisonni

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